Translate & transform ideas into
beautiful planes of glass

Our design and tech team will assist you through design, product specs, fabrication, and install.
Simply put, we’re here to help as much, or as little as you need. 


Backsplash / Niches

Create a one-of-a kind look for your project.


Light Box

Light-up your idea, tell your story.


Wall Panels

Glass is your new canvas.


Though we are a group of creative thinkers and doers, our start-up story has its roots firmly in digital printing technology. Our solution was born out of necessity and the recognition that the market lacked a completely customizable glass product that is as beautiful as it is durable. After working in the industry and experiencing the shortcomings of current market solutions, our team of engineers set out to create the MYOTECH process we use today. After several years of research and development, our lead visionary and founder Alan Chu worked to expand his technology into the design world – in 2014, renowned designer Jeffrey Lamb joined the team, sparking the collaborative, multi-faceted design process we know and love so well.

*Glass Light Box install at LMC Construction. (Product: 5mm tempered glass with light box effect)


The design process doesn’t stop at image selection. Here at Myodo, we believe in options – afterall, we named our business after them (see: outer back cover). In order to get the biggest effect out of your project, we offer the opportunity to tweak the glass and image to the furthest of our capabilities. With this many design options, your product will truly be one of a kind.

From start to installation, our team will ensure that only the most thoughtful, beautiful, and long-lasting pieces of art are crafted for your individual project needs.

*Glass Guardrail install at Russell Residence. (Product: 5+ 5mm Double-sided Tempered Glass)


We are made up of artists, architects, designers, and innovators who believe that glass, with its endless possibilities and dramatic spatial qualities, is an infinitely exciting medium for architectural storytelling.

*Glass Guardrail install at Element Glass. (Product: 5+ 5mm Double-sided Tempered Glass)


Printing on glass is an incredible way to make a statement within a project, and our products go above and beyond industry expectations. Our printing technology uses only the absolute highest quality pigment, yet in a thinner, more precise application, allowing us to print razor-sharp images at a whopping 1440 DPI. And our completely customizable array of pigments ensure the most vivid of colors in both deep, saturated images and spot-color patterns.